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Miski Good Foods was created from the desire to provide people with a wide selection of natural convenience products that have a positive impact on their lives. Our product range comprises both ethically sourced items from abroad, and unique recipes developed and produced in-house using carefully selected imported and local ingredients. We are committed to developing innovative and premium-quality products that are both convenient and wholesome, all while upholding a brand that people can rely on.

Our product range features a variety of dehydrated fruit powders, delectable dark chocolate-covered fruits, a tantalizing maca cacao blend, and our popular vegan and gluten-free pancake and waffle mix. At Miski Good foods, we take pride in creating products that are not only delicious but also fit your lifestyle and well-being.

At Miski Organics®, we offer only top-quality organic superfood products that are nutrient-rich and highly beneficial to the well-being of our customers. Imported from Peru, one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the world, our products are grown in the fertile coastal valleys, Andes mountains, and Amazon region, where the land is rich in nutrients and full of natural resources. Our foods are sustainably cultivated by local farmers who have been working the land for generations and, like their ancestors, have utmost respect for the land, its richness and abundance.

All our products are organic certified, free of pesticides and chemicals, free of GMOs, are farmed in harmony with fair and ethical practices, and are brought to our consumers at their most natural state. Miski Organics® products are also gluten-free, vegan, Kosher certified, and proudly packaged in Canada in recyclable, blue-bin friendly bags.

Our brand, Miski Naturals®, was born out of our recognition that many products on the market are natural and clean but may not necessarily be certified organic. We believe that there are unique products that can offer numerous benefits for our well-being, be free of GMO’s and ethically sourced. Miski Naturals® offers a line of high-quality products that meet these standards. Our carefully selected ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers who share our values of sustainability, transparency, and fair trade.

We prioritize using only the best ingredients to offer products that provide optimal benefits without compromising on quality. With Miski Naturals®, customers can feel confident that they are choosing products that are good for them, and good for the planet. All Miski Naturals® products are proudly packaged in Canada in recyclable blue-fin friendly bags.

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At Miski, we believe that superfoods are not just for humans. This is why we created Miski Pets – a line of vegan dog treats made with all human-grade ingredients and superfoods. We noticed a lack of high-quality, plant-based options on the market and realized that many pet treats contain unhealthy ingredients that can lead to health issues for our best friends. At Miski Pets we offer an alternative that is clean and made with only the highest-quality ingredients.

Aligned with Miski’s core values on sustainability, at Miski Pets we also believe in treating animals with respect and care. That’s why our treats are not only good for our pets but also good for the environment, as they are packaged in recyclable blue-bin friendly bags and made with sustainably sourced local ingredients, obtained mainly through zero waste processes.

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