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Organic & gluten free
Our products are gluten free, organic, Kosher and vegan certified, free of GMOs, farmed in harmony with fair and ethical practices and the environment, and are brought to our consumers at their most natural state.
Cultivated sustainably
Our foods are sustainably cultivated in the fertile coastal valleys, Andean mountains and Amazon region of Peru, by local farmers who have been working the land for generations and have utmost respect for the land, its richness and abundance. Our support for sustainable agricultural practices helps ensure the environment surrounding our farmers’ land is safe and preserves their culture and traditions.  
Fully traceable to the source
All our products are fully traceable to the source and have been meticulously selected to guarantee the highest quality standards.
Proudly packaged in Canada
All Miski Organics® products are proudly packaged in Canada in blue-bin friendly recyclable bags, sourced locally.
Miski Good Foods
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