“With some helpful tips and a lot of will power, travelers might be surprised at what they can do to remain focused and feeling their best”

By Mariella Irivarren, B.A.
Instagram: @mformariella
Twitter: @mirivarren




As a corporate event planner my job requires me to travel a lot throughout North America and execute all kinds of events. It’s a fun job and I love experiencing new places, however too many days on the road can be exhausting and take a toll on my body at times.

When travelling for work, it isn’t all that glamorous. In fact, most of my travels consist of late nights, early mornings, working countless hours from my hotel room, getting little sleep and lots of jet lag. It’s not a vacation, and time to enjoy each destination is often limited.

Lack of exercise and sleep + lots of airplane, hotel and restaurant food is not the ideal formula to staying healthy while on the road – especially if the trip is lengthy. The simple abundance of food and variety of options also makes overeating very tempting.

Whether for business or pleasure, travelling often has taught me how to align my health goals with my itinerary. Here are a few tips I picked up along the way:

  • Bring your own snacks
    Sometimes it is hard to find good, healthy food while travelling if the hotel or airport options are limited. Bringing some granola bars, nuts, or other snacks you enjoy will help calm your hunger until you have access to a decent meal.
  • Control your portions
    You may be eating a so-called “healthy” meal while travelling, but hotel and restaurant foods tend to be much higher in calories and their portions are often big enough to feed a family of four. Upon ordering, ask the server in advance if they can cut your meal in half and box the rest for later. You can also opt for appetizers or side options instead of a full entrée. Try asking for the kid meal (if possible) or at least have them make you a “kid-sized” meal.
  • Make better food choices
    Probably one of the hardest ones to follow since there is no shortage of tempting options! Want to get the burger? – Order a side salad instead of fries. Want the pasta dish? – Hold the cheese on top. Small decisions like this can save you a tremendous amount of calories. Remind yourself of your goals and try your best to make a healthier choice.
  • Explore the city
    If your schedule allows, make sure you get out and explore the city. Look for food spots with fresh ingredients and healthier options. Also, going for a walk will get you moving while enjoying the sites!
  • Use exercise facilities or make your own
    If your hotel has a gym or pool and your schedule allows, try to exercise for just 20-30 minutes and get your heart rate up – you will feel better afterwards. If you don’t like using the facilities or your hotel doesn’t have one, try doing light exercises in your own room! Abs, squats, lunges, push-ups, etc. all require very little space or equipment.
  • Sleep lots
    For business travelers this is tough. Jet-lag, busy schedules, etc. make it hard to get a good night sleep. Sometimes taking a break, a nap, or sleeping in a little more is the best thing we can do to feel better. Listen to your body and get some rest – you will feel more energized and productive afterwards.

Staying healthy while on the road is tough and no one likes to break their daily routines. With some helpful tips and a lot of will power, travelers might be surprised at what they can do to remain focused and feeling their best.

Tell us! What are some tips you do to stay healthy while travelling?