By Mariella L. Irivarren (Sr.), co- founder Miski Organic Superfoods Inc.

By now many of you have probably heard about the wonderful health benefits of maca.  This superfood from the Andes is a natural adaptogen and is great for balancing hormones naturally.   It contains nearly all the amino acids that are essential to human health, and it’s also a great energy booster.  I could add many more benefits to the list, but to summarize it…. maca is amazing!

A friend of mine who is in the home renovation business is a huge fan of maca. His job requires long hours of work and a lot of physical strength, so he’s been taking maca as a natural supplement.  He called me the other day and said to me “This maca is great!!!!….I’ve been working since 8 a.m., it’s almost 8 p.m and I still have lots of energy”.   So, I asked him out of curiosity how he was taking it, and it turns out he just dissolves a spoonful of maca in half a glass of water and drinks it just plain.  Ick!!!! – I guess for him healthy is more important than tasty.

Because let’s be honest… healthy doesn’t necessarily mean tasty, and maca’s taste is not my favourite. So I embarked on a mission to come up with recipes that were not only healthy but also tasty so I too could enjoy the benefits of maca. During my search, I found that maca goes great with chocolate – and who doesn’t love chocolate!  One of my favourite recipes is the Mocha Maca Smoothie, its’ quite delicious and it makes a great morning energy booster!!

After sharing this recipe on my Facebook page, another friend confessed that she had been trying maca in many forms but she just didn’t like the taste.  She had decided to give maca a shot because she had heard of its great benefits, but was having a hard time finding the right combination, yet she loved the Mocha Maca Smoothie.  Then it dawned on me that there were probably many people out there who are aware of the amazing benefits of maca but are just not fond of its taste.   So I have made it my goal to try and share more maca recipes that are not only healthy but also tasty.

On our website you will be able to find a few healthy and tasty recipes using Miski Organics Maca Powder as the magic ingredient. You can try our  Maca Latte; Mocha Maca Smoothie and Nutty Maca Smoothie, and we are constantly adding new recipes for you to enjoy!

We hope these recipes will help you enjoy the benefits without compromising the taste. How do you make your healthy foods taste great? Let us know and, if you wish, share your recipes in the comments below.