Why you should consider choosing organic in your shopping cart. 

Do you ever wonder what the difference between organic and non-organic products are?
It has to do with how the products are farmed and produced, to how they are packaged and delivered.

As a brand who has vested interest in the health of our customers, our farmers and our planet; it is important to educate others about the power of organic foods and why they have become a chosen lifestyle for many of our consumers.

So let’s talk about the differences and why we think choosing organic is the way to go!

When farmed and processed as organic, the products:
• Are naturally GMO-Free
• Typically have a higher nutritional value
• Are free of synthetic pesticide residues
• Are free of hormones and antibiotics
• Help protect the environment
• Provide sustainability for future generations

Isn’t it interesting to think that non-organic products contain GMOs, synthetic pesticide residues, hormones and antibiotics?! This goes into our bodies with every bite we take…WOW! Moreover, these compounds would also be making their way into our earth and waterways. Overtime, that would certainly cause unnecessary detriment.

According to an article by Virginia Worthington in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, on average organic foods and products contain, 27% more Vitamin C, 21.1% more Iron, 29.3% more Magnesium, and 13.6% more Phosphorus. Those are some major differences! They could be what ensures we are giving our bodies what they need.

Knowing the difference between the two is why we provide our customers with only the best quality superfoods, and why Miski Organics carries organic products only!
Are you ready to make the switch? – Give Miski Organics products a try and let us know your thoughts!